Products and Services

Dexter™ Platform

The Dexter is a droplet generator, sorter, dispenser, imager and picker – all rolled in one!! A powerful tool in your arsenal as you analyze single live cells, build your assays and pick out selected cells to pass for downstream applications.

The Technology Behind, Powered By AI

Microfluidics is all about motion. Nesting cells for long term assays is non-trivial. We create a spatially defined addressable array of micro-droplets lodged in nano-wells. The nano-wells on our chip are physically separate to prevent any cross talk. Our open droplet technology allows for ultra fast automated retrieval of selected cells. AI, Machine Learning and Cloud first approach to Single cell data analysis.

A Feature Rich Platform To Help You Get The Right Cells

Deterministic Droplet Sorting

Pre sort for cells that go into the Chip to make every cell and nano bioreactor count

Live Array

10x higher screening throughput Live Array with 1024 cells in each Chip to screen thousands of live single cells in parallel.

Robotic retrieval

Deterministic, cross talk free, ultra fast robotic retrieval of desired cells with intuitive and gentle cell handling.

Rich Data and AI Driven Analytics

Workflows to identify single cells that work using rich image based data analytics built on AI and Machine learning .

Time Lapse Studies

Study single cell secretion and cell to cell interaction assays over time in isolated nano bioreactors.

10X Faster

See single cell behavior from Day Zero with time lapse fluorescence microscopy. Establish evidenced monoclonality.