Advanced Microscopy Applications
Micro Nano Fabrications

Microfluidic device

Model: Lucent T model

Modes used – WLI

Microfluidic device manufacturers need critical metrology in different parts of the device. The channel dimensions are often around 100 µm with tolerances in the sub µm range. For imaging applications, the machined channel surface must have very low surface roughness (λ/4). The device may have to be moved by several mm to find the ROI. The channel depth can prevent the AFM tip to reach the bottom surface. Lucent T model’s WLI mode is useful to characterize the microfluidic devices. The automated positioning and optical view help the user to find the ROI readily. When channel depths are > 30 µm, the WLI software has the option of long range motor based Z scan. The data files, post surface reconstruction can be opened in ‘Gwyddion’, a comprehensive SPM data analysis software. Gwyddion provides a number of soft tools for 2d or 3d visualization, data corrections and size measurements.