Advanced Microscopy Applications


Model: Lucent

Modes used – AFM – Tapping Mode, Phase imaging; LSM

Multi layered flexible sheets are used in commercial aeroplanes in the emergency evacuation gear. The sheets must comply with several stringent requirements. They are composed of a layer of polymer embedded metal oxide nano-particles on one side to reflect heat from fire and on the other side has a woven fabric structure. Lucent AFM was used in Tapping Mode to characterize the polymer layer. Distinct regions could be visualized with high and low nanoparticle densities. Nanoparticle dimensions (80-120 nm) and density could be verified. LSM was used on the cut section to measure the layer thicknesses and uniformity of the three layers (Average thicknesses: polymer – 69 µm, nylon – 93 µm, polymer with embedded nano-particles – 81 µm, Total – 243 µm).


Title: Selecting the best producer cell                (Photo – IIT D)

CHO cells are widely used in biopharma production. Clones with high yield are desired. Our collaborator, a renowned research lab, was developing a cell line to produce monoclonal antibodies against TNF-alpha. Our team helped optimize an assay in the droplet format to measure cell expression. Dexter was used to singulate collaborator’s CHO cells. Two separate fluorescence markers (FITC and Cy5 conjugated Anti-human IgG antibody) helped to identify the high producers. Few clones were robotically retrieved and expanded by the collaborator. mAb expression was confirmed by Protein A chromatography. Homogeneous mAb expression observed in enriched cells after single cell sorting and significant yield improvement was confirmed for one of the clones.

Cell line development isn’t restricted to therapeutic applications. Synthetic biology is a big emerging segment with industrial applications too.