Advanced Microscopy Applications

Configurable Experiment

Model: Lucent

Modes used - AFM

The AFM is a versatile tool with a large number of imaging modes. However the advanced user may want to build their own modes by combining the channels in novel ways. The Lucent AFM software has multiple features to support the advanced users. The AFM software includes an ‘Instruments Tab’ that has a sine wave generator that can be configured to generate a sine wave on the tip or sample. There is a corresponding ‘soft’ lock-in to measure any process signal at ‘f’ or ‘2f’, a PI controller to set a DC signal. Together these can be used for piezo response measurements, Scanning Kelvin Probe microscopy, electrostatic force measurement etc. The ‘Advanced Tab’ allows the selection of channels that can be recorded during imaging. The ‘Advanced Tab’ also offers a ‘Shift’ mode to perturb Z or Tip Voltage at every point in the scan.