Advanced Microscopy Applications
Life Sciences

Life Science Sample (HQ)

Model: Lucent

Modes used – AFM – Tapping Mode, FM Mode

The AFM is an integral tool for life science research. Imaging different species of bacteria under live conditions is helping scientists in developing bacteria retardant surface treatments or cleaning fluids. The mechanical properties of cell membranes are of relevance in drug delivery and characterizing cellular processes. The AFM Force-distance measurement as well as the Force Modulation mode are useful tools for this. Measuring DNA / plasmid lengths can help characterize the preparation process, which could be a shorter orthogonal measurement to sequencing. The Lucent AFM offers many imaging modes, multi-point graphing and in-liquid imaging to support life science researchers. For soft sample imaging and higher force sensitivity, use of ultra-short cantilevers (length < 40 µm) is supported.