Advanced Microscopy Applications
Life Sciences

Insect Wing

Model: Lucent T model

Modes used – AFM, LSM, FFOCT

The tiny insect with it’s fragile looking wing is actually a champion flyer. Ever wondered what is the structure of the wing, how does it get mechanical strength. Now the Lucent T model opens new views into the insect wing. LSM and AFM uncover features at two vastly different length scales – the LSM images show a somewhat regular 2d pattern  with a pitch of ~10 µm; the AFM images show another semi regular 2d pattern with a pitch of ~500 nm.  The internal structure is elucidated by the FFOCT method. The section view generated from the FFOCT shows the gently curved wing is composed of two closely packed parallel membranes with a gap of < 5 µm and a third membrane about 10 µm deeper not present throughout. Use our dedicated 3d analytics software for spectacular visuals and novel measurements.