About SHILPS Sciences

Shilps Sciences, a deep science company based out of Bangalore, India, develops novel solutions for imaging and characterization at the nano & micro scale. Our products enable our clients in life sciences, advanced materials and nano scale manufacturing to build their next generation products. Shilps Sciences is a recipient of several national grants and holds multiple patents around its technologies. We believe in Partnering for your Success .

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Our Products

Advanced Microscopy

Our Lucent series of Atomic Force Microscopes combine AFM with Laser Scanning Microscopy, White Light Interferometer & Optical Coherence Tomography for correlational imaging, newer insights and faster results. Covering a range of millimeter to nanometer, topography to sub-surface, profile to material analysis, our product comes with a vast suite of data acquisition and analysis features. Whether it’s life science research, micro fabrication metrology or novel material development, stay ahead with Lucent.

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Microfluidic Nano-Bio Reactors

Analysis of living cells and finding the right cells is of critical importance for therapy development. The Dexter Microfluidic Platform is the perfect choice for functional screening of live single cells and cell retrieval for downstream processes. Using tiny droplets as nano bio-reactors, the product enables singulation, time lapse cell tracking and a range of assays to suit your requirements. Dexter, an affordable and robust solution, ideally suited for research applications in cell therapy, antibody development and cell line development.

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